The Literary Hill BookFest is pleased to present the following authors at the 2017 event!  These authors represent the vibrant literary culture of Capitol Hill, and the ever-growing list of writing talent in our city helps secure Washington DC’s place as the most literate city in the United States.  Check back often for updates to this list!

Jonathan Bardzik

Louis Bayard

Carol Booker

Karen Branan

Jessica Childress

Christopher Datta

Courtney Davis

Hayes Davis

Charles Free

Samuel Fromartz

Bill Gourgey

Patricia Gray

Jack Healey

Katy Kelly

Kevin Kosar

Marc Levinson

Nick Mann

Laura Melmed

Doug Mendel

Richard “Butch” Neal

Terry Nicholetti

Jean Nordhaus

Garrett Peck

Quintin Peterson

Robert Pohl

Frederick Reuss

Richard Rashke

Kim Roberts

Mark Schapiro

Colleen Shogan

Kathleen Smith

Louise Farmer Smith

Lori Stokes

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

Neely Tucker

Michael Turner

John Wennersten
      and Denise Robbins

E.J. Wenstrom

Tyechia White

Ken Wilcox

Tom Zaniello